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Controlling humidity is one of the most important steps you can take in protecting your home, ensuring your comfort, and safeguarding your family’s health. Santa Fe provides a full line of high-capacity, energy-efficient free standing dehumidifiers that are designed and manufactured for the ultimate in humidity control for basements, crawlspaces, and any other inside spaces that deserve the best in humidity control.

Dehumidifier installed in unfinished area and controlling the moisture in the finished area

Whole home dehumidifiers.
Ocean State Air Solutions, Inc. not only sells but services and repairs dehumidifiers. Thermastor, Santa Fe, Ultra Aire, Aprilaire, Honeywell.

Installation and service for your home or business. Also commercial purposes, including any humidity dependent applications such as medical marijuana growers.


Aprilaire Residential Indoor Air Quality Solutions : Whole-Home Solutions essential to enhancing your comfort, health and home environments. Aprilaire products are best in their class - including Humidifiers, Air Cleaners, Dehumidifiers, Programmable Thermostats, Zoned Comfort Temperature Control and Ventilation products - When used together, these indoor air quality products set new standards for performance and reliability.

Tim Carter for Ask the Builder.com explains about quality dehumidifiers.

How to Choose

There are several factors that need to be considered when choosing a dehumidifier. Most dehumidifier manufacturers recommend a certain number of pints per square footage for your crawl space or basement. While this is one way of getting a better idea of the correct size for you, there are several things to consider to ensure you are purchasing the correct dehumidifier for your specific needs.


Crawl spaces are susceptible to moisture intrusion and excessive relative humidity by virtue of their design – a hole in the ground surrounded by soil. Ground moisture is a significant source of dampness and humidity under and around the foundation of the house, even without standing water. Another major source of moisture in crawl spaces is from infiltration. Outside moisture in the air comes through doors, windows, cracks, and other penetrations and imperfections. Experts say about 95% of the moisture entering a building enters through air infiltration. No crawl space is the same and because of this, the size of dehumidifier you need may be different than the size your neighbor needs.


The sizing guide in the Product Comparison Chart goes beyond square footage and cubic feet to help you identify the best-sized dehumidifier for your home. The first step is to classify your crawl space or basement based on air infiltration and the condition of your foundation. Once you have done this you can visit the Product Comparison Chart to see what Santa Fe Dehumidifier is best for your home.


Classifying Your Crawl Space or Basements

Very Tightly Sealed
New homes that meet a recognized energy building standard such as Energy Star®, LEED, Passive House, etc… or homes that have a confirmed air leakage of 3 ACH50 or less. Typically newer homes with foundations that have minimal cracks or imperfections.

Moderately Sealed
Newer homes or remodeled homes that have some air sealing and foundations with some cracks and imperfections.

Loosely Sealed
Typically older homes with very minimal air sealing and foundations with several cracks and imperfections.

Santa Fe Moisture Control Solutions
Santa Fe Moisture Control Solutions
Ultra Aire Whole House Ventilating Dehumidifiers
Ultra Aire Whole House Ventilating Dehumidifiers

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