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Moisture Control Solutions from  Therma-Stor products makers of Santa Fe de-humidifiers

Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

Studies show that as much as 50% of the air in the upper levels of your home come from the basement or crawl space. This air typically contains high levels of moisture. As a result, it causes musty odors and symptom-triggering allergens such as mold spores, mildew, bacteria, and dust mites. This damp air in your crawl space or basement may damage the structure of your home, flooring, furniture, and other personal items stored in these spaces. That’s why it is so important to control the relative humidity in these areas with a Santa Fe Dehumidifier.

Santa Fe Free-Standing Dehumidifiers

Sante Fa Compact 70 Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Compact70 (formerly Compact2)

Tight spaces are no problem for the Santa Fe Compact70 (Compact2) dehumidifier. Its compact size works perfectly in low crawl spaces and small basements without sacrificing power and performance. Designed to fit in a variety of small spaces, the Compact70 provides multiple installation options for greater flexibility.

 See the Santa Fe Compact 70 Spec. Sheet (.pdf)
 See the Santa Fe Compact 70 Manual (.pdf)

Santa Fe Compact2 Product Video.

Santa Fe Advance 90 Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Advance 90 (formerly Advance2)

The unit’s horizontal configuration and unique dual airflow outlets make it an ideal solution for basements and crawl spaces. Installation flexibility makes the Advance90 (Advance2) ideal for almost any application. No conventional dehumidifier can perform as efficiently and effectively in basements and crawl spaces as the Santa Fe Advance90.

 See the Santa Fe Advance 90 Spec. Sheet (.pdf)
 See the Santa Fe Advance 90 Manual (.pdf)

Santa Fe Advance2 Product Video.

Santa Fe Advance 100 Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Advance 100

The new Santa Fe Advance100 pairs dehumidification with technology.

This dehumidifier features digital controls that allow the homeowner ease of use and system diagnostics. In addition, the Advance100 can utilize the Santa Fe connect control and monitor the unit remotely. This state-of-the-art dehumidifier is engineered for quiet operation. This is our first large-capacity unit that allows for vertical or horizontal ducting.

  • Digital controls for state of the art humidity control and system diagnostics

  • Unique High/Normal dehumidification modes allow for any installation

  • Horizontal solution is great for basement or crawl space application

  • Caster wheels and leveling feet included to allow for various installations

  • Float switch cutoff (condensation pump/secondary float switch)

 See the Santa Fe Advance 100 Spec. Sheet (.pdf)  

 See the Santa Fe Advance 100 Manual (.pdf)

Santa Fe Advance120 Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Advance120 (formerly Force)

The unit’s horizontal configuration and unique dual airflow outlets make it an ideal solution for basements and crawl spaces. The Santa Fe Advance120 (Force) is engineered for extremely quiet operation, and the optional condensate pump and duct kit provide the installation flexibility to handle almost any application.

  • Dual exhaust outlets allow for air distribution to multiple locations

  • Conveniently sized for installation in crawl space or basement

  • Horizontal solution is great for larger basement or crawl space applications

 See the Santa Advance120 Spec. Sheet (.pdf)  

 See the Santa Advance120 Manual (.pdf)

Santa Fe Force Product Video.

Santa Fe Impact155 Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Impact155 (formerly Max Dry XT)

The Impact155 (Max Dry XT) has a horizontal configuration and dual outlet design. It can cover up to 3,500 square feet, making it the largest unit in the Santa Fe family. Its insulated cabinet allows for quieter operation and enables its exceptional performance in all larger basement and crawl space applications.

  • Dual exhaust outlets allow for air distribution to multiple locations

  • Sized for larger basement and crawlspace applications

  • High capacity blower allows for more air circulation in larger applications

 See the Santa Fe Impact155 Spec. Sheet (.pdf)  

 See the Santa Fe Impact155 Manual (.pdf)

Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT Product Video.

Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Classic

The Santa Fe Classic has a vertical configuration and its flow-down design performs exceptionally well in basements. The high capacity blower on the unit moves air in a way that no small conventional unit can. The Classic’s optional condensate pump and ducting kits provide the flexibility necessary for any application.

  • Vertical configuration great for basement applications

  • High capacity blower for optimal air movement

  • Optional duct kits and condensate pumps provide multiple installation options for greater flexibility

 See the Santa Fe Classic Spec. Sheet (.pdf)
 See the Santa Fe Classic Manual (.pdf)

Santa Fe Classic Product Video.

Ultra Aire Whole House Dehumidifiers

Ultra-Aire provides a full line of whole house ventilating dehumidifiers that provide effective humidity control, fresh air ventilation, and high efficiency air filtration. Installed by HVAC professionals Ocean State Air, to provide the ultimate in comfort and indoor air quality, all Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers are ENERGY STAR® rated and include superior air filtration.

Whole House Dehumidifiers:

Ultra-Aire 98H Dehumidifier

Ultra-Aire 98H

The Ultra-Aire 98H is designed to deliver exceptional indoor air quality by providing dedicated moisture control, fresh air mechanical ventilation and superior air filtration (MERV 13) to the entire home. The unit will dehumidify areas up to 2,300 square feet and features an extremely well-insulated, compact horizontal cabinet (optional vertical discharge) for the ultimate in quiet operation.

 See the Ultra-Aire 98H Spec. Sheet (.pdf)
 See the Ultra-Aire 98H Manual (.pdf)

Ultra-Aire 98H Product Video.

Santa Fe Impact XT Dehumidifier

Ultra-Aire 100V

The Ultra-Aire 100V features high capacity performance and a superior level of air filtration. With the unit’s vertical configuration and small-footprint, it is the ideal solution for many applications where floor space is limited. This unit removes up to 110 pints per day, is ENERGY STAR® rated, and provides superior air filtration (MERV 11).


The Ultra-Aire 100V is controlled by a variety of 24 volt remote wired controls, which are suitable for many applications. The Ultra-Aire 100V’s integral filter housing is capable of holding a total of 6″ of filter media. This allows the UA 100V to provide a variety of filtration options without additional equipment, including MERV 14 filtration. The Ultra-Aire 100V is designed to handle up to 2,500 sq. ft, which makes it ideal for typical family home applications.


 See the Ultra-Aire 100V Spec. Sheet (.pdf)  

 See the Ultra-Aire 100V Manual (.pdf)

Ultra-Aire 100V Product Video.

Ultra-Aire XT155H Dehumidifier

Ultra-Aire XT155H

The Ultra-Aire XT155H high-capacity, whole house ventilating dehumidifier features revolutionary XT (Extreme Technology) Dehumidification. XT Dehumidification allows this unit to remove up to 155 pints of water a day, providing fresh air ventilation while using only an unprecedented 8.0 amps (7.3 pints per Kilowatt hour). The UA XT155H is ENERGY STAR® rated and effectively dehumidifies up to 3,500 square feet.


As is standard with all Ultra-Aire products, the Ultra-Aire XT155H will effectively dehumidify down to 56°F and will provide outstanding performance, providing whole home comfort all year round. The Ultra-Aire XT155H is controlled by a variety of 24-volt remote wired controls that can be used for many applications.


 See the Ultra-Aire XT155H Spec. Sheet (.pdf)
 See the Ultra-Aire XT155H Manual (.pdf)

Ultra-Aire XT155H Product Video.

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