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Solutions for Musty Basements

Does your basement smell like a basement? Is it damp and musty? Have you been frustrated by home dehumidifiers that are ineffective? The Santa Fe Ultra Efficient Dehumidifier is guaranteed to dry out your basement and eliminate those musty basement odors or your money back.

Santa Fe Whole House De-Humidifiers 

Moisture in the home.
       Moisture in the home has many sources: plants, pets, people, cooking, washing, ground water, and most importantly, the air. The moisture from the outside air infiltrating the home is enough to overwhelm residential dehumidifiers. A large-capacity dehumidifier is necessary to ensure that enough moisture is removed to prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.

       The moisture in the air (humidity) is constantly trying to equalize throughout the house. If there is more humidity upstairs, it works its way downstairs, and vice versa.

       The amount of moisture in the air is referred to as the specific humidity. It is the weight of the water found in a pound of air. The specific humidity is expressed as a decimal, e.g., .012 lb. The amount of moisture present in the air at a specific temperature in relation to the maximum amount the air can hold is
relative humidity (RH). It is affected by the air temperature and is expressed as a percentage, e.g., 60% RH. The cooler the air is, the less moisture it can hold. To the right, you can see that, although the temperature and relative humidity vary,
the specific humidity remains the same. Basements are naturally cooler than the rest of the house. This means that the relative humidity is always higher in the basement.

Benefits of owning a Santa Fe.
       Relative humidity levels rising above 55% stimulate the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and other biological allergens, which generates those “musty” basement odors. The lower relative humidity eliminates those musty odors.
Your basement won’t smell like a basement! The Santa Fe Ultra Efficient Dehumidifier will maintain the basement relative humidity between 45-50%. And unlike other residential dehumidifiers that feeze-up in cool conditions, the Santa
Fe is designed to operate down to 550 and will continue to effectively remove humidity. The Santa Fe also adds a little heat to the basement air. So a cold, damp basement becomes a little warmer and a lot drier.

       The reduced humidity creates a less hospitable climate for many “bugs,” including dust mites, centipedes, silver-fish, and spiders. Your basement will have fewer “creepy critters.”

       Now your basement can be used for additional comfortable living space and the safe storage of clothing, books, heirlooms, and collectibles. Therma-Stor dehumidifiers can be found in museums, libraries, and art galleries.

We also sell and install "Musty Basement Solution" brand humidity ventilation systems

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