Portsmouth, RI

Our hometown for Ocean State Air Solutions headquarters, situated on the northern tip of Aquidneck Island, Portsmouth is a charming town known for its scenic beauty and historic sites. At Ocean State Air, we take pride in serving the residents and businesses of Portsmouth with top-quality HVAC services. Whether you need a new air conditioning system to beat the summer heat or reliable heating solutions for the colder months, our team of skilled technicians is here to assist you. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and expertise in the field, we aim to ensure your indoor climate remains comfortable and inviting throughout the seasons in Portsmouth.

Air Conditioning

If you are used to living in , you know how brutal the summer heat can be. After an afternoon of outdoor work or play, you will be ready to relax in a nice, cool home. A reliable air conditioner may quickly become the most important appliance in your house during those longest days of the year.

Rely on Ocean State Air Solutions to keep you and your family cool throughout the season. Our team of professionals can help match your home’s cooling needs with top-quality air conditioning systems if you are in the market for a new one. Current models provide excellent cooling and improved energy efficiency.

If you are happy with your current air conditioning system, our trained professionals can come out to inspect, tune up, and clean your system before the heat really hits. On the other hand, if you require repair services, give us a call, and we will be happy to send out a professional to fix your air conditioner as quickly as possible.

Not only does your air conditioner keep you and your family comfortably cool in the dog days of summer, but it will also dehumidify your indoor air. Keeping your home at the correct humidity level can reduce common allergens such as mold and mildew, protect your electronics and appliances from humidity damage, and improve your overall indoor air quality.

When you need more information on air conditioning, call Ocean State Air Solutions at 401-293-0422. Our professionals are standing by, ready to serve you. Request air conditioning service online today.

Air Ducts

Do you notice some of the rooms in your home are either warmer or cooler than others? Do you have a room that never quite reaches the comfortable temperature you want? Is your second floor always a little bit uncomfortable? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone. These are common issues for homeowners, and in many cases, the problem is caused by air duct, or ductwork, issues.

Our professionals at Ocean State Air Solutions can help you identify ductwork leaks, poor insulation in your ductwork, or other ductwork problems you may be experiencing. Although ducts are a hidden network behind your home’s walls and floors, they can cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted energy every year if they are not operating at their peak performance.

When you call our team, we will come out and inspect your air duct system. Our trained professionals can seal air duct leaks, ensuring your heated or cooled air makes it to all the rooms in your home. In addition, we will identify duct areas that can benefit from additional insulation such as ductwork running through an uninsulated attic. We may recommend different solutions to help you balance your heating and cooling throughout your home.

If you are ready to increase your comfort level and save some money on your energy bills, call Ocean State Air Solutions at 401-293-0422. Our professionals are ready and waiting to serve you and your family. Request air duct service online today.

Commercial Services

Having reliable commercial heating and cooling is important to a company’s bottom line. It takes a special service provider to understand the unique needs of a commercial operation. Our professionals at Ocean State Air Solutions will listen carefully to your organization’s particular situation and make recommendations that fit your business, time frame, and budget.

Heating Services

Whether you’re looking for a heating solution for a small, medium, or large business, our team of professionals is ready to help. We can work with just about any industry, building configuration, and budget constraints to provide reliable, consistent heat in the winter months.

Our team has experience with commercial furnaces and boilers as well as ducted and ductless heat pumps. For large organizations, we can install a rooftop unit (RTU), which often manages heating, cooling, and ventilation more efficiently.

Cooling Services

When it comes to keeping your employees, customers, and equipment cool in the heat of the summer, you want a system that’s properly scaled and reliable to meet your cooling needs. Our trained technicians are well-versed in installing and servicing commercial air conditioners, chillers, heat pumps, and cooling towers as well as with a variety of other cooling equipment you might require. Call Ocean State Air Solutions at 401-293-0422 today.

Maintenance Services

Investing in preventive maintenance of your heating and cooling system is a smart business decision. Our trained technicians will be happy to come out and inspect, clean, and tune-up your commercial cooling system in the spring and your commercial heating system in the fall.

During these checkups, we can often spot potential problems and make needed repairs before your commercial system fails. That saves you time and money as well as the inconvenience of having a broken heating or cooling system during business hours. Check out our maintenance plans that are customized to serve your particular commercial business’s unique needs. Request commercial service online today.

Ductless Systems

Have you ever heard of a ductless heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system? Ductless systems provide heating and cooling without forcing air through a network of air ducts in your home.

Our professionals at Ocean State Air Solutions suggest considering a ductless system if you are adding a room or providing customized climate control to a particular space in your home. For example, a ductless system would work great in a sunroom, man cave, bonus room, or home office. They are also a possible solution for keeping one bedroom extra warm for an elderly family member or as supplemental heating or cooling for a rarely used guest room.

One advantage of a ductless system is it requires a very small hole to be drilled through a wall, which makes installation a breeze and energy loss close to nonexistent. In addition, ductless systems are typically quieter and can reduce your energy bills over time if you are losing energy through a duct system.

Though they can be more expensive initially to purchase, in short time you save enough in energy costs to make the difference back. These are perfect if your home needs a system with a small footprint. We can install them most anywhere in your home.

If you are ready to learn more about ductless systems, call Ocean State Air Solutions at 401-293-0422. Our professionals would be happy to share the systems and services we offer. Request ductless system service online today.


Are you ready for the colder weather here in ? Once the days grow short and the nights stretch long, you will want to crank up the heat in your home to make it nice and cozy. A wide range of furnaces from Ocean State Air Solutions can help you accomplish that goal. Whether you are purchasing a new furnace or replacing an old one, there are many factors you should consider before making your decision.

One of the first things you want to consider is what size furnace your home requires. If you select a furnace that is too small, you will have inadequate heat in the coldest days of winter. On the other hand, if you select a furnace that is too large, you will be paying for more heat than you actually need.

Unfortunately, selecting the right size of furnace is a little trickier than simply looking at square footage of your home. Our heating experts will take into account the climate, size, construction, and layout of your home in order to recommend the best furnace size.

In addition, be sure to consider the cost of various energy sources and the energy ratings of furnaces. Certain fuels will be less or more expensive at any given time and will impact the environment differently as well. One thing you can be certain of is that a new furnace will be more efficient than an old one.

When you are ready to purchase a new furnace, call Ocean State Air Solutions at 401-293-0422. Our professionals can provide you with all the information you need. Request furnace service online today.

Heat Pumps

If you are looking for a heating and cooling solution in , you may want to consider a heat pump. Heat pumps simply move warmer air from outside to inside in the winter and from inside to outside in the summer, providing a comfortable indoor temperature.

Since heat pumps do not actually create their own heat, they are more efficient and cost effective than conventional furnaces and air conditioning systems. In fact, heat pumps may provide the same heating and cooling options at one-quarter the cost.

Our professionals at Ocean State Air Solutions can help you determine whether a heat pump might be right for you. In the past, heat pumps tended to work best in moderate climates; however, new technology has made heat pumps viable in colder climates today as well.

The air-source heat pump is most commonly available, and it moves the heat between your home and outside. Air-source heat pumps require less electricity when compared with baseboard units and furnaces. Some high-efficiency models can also provide better dehumidification capabilities than conventional air conditioners.

Ductless heat pumps, or mini splits, are an alternative type of heat pump for homes without ductwork. Our professionals can talk with you about these if you are interested.

Ready to learn more about heat pumps here in ? Call Ocean State Air Solutions at 401-293-0422. Our highly trained experts will be happy to answer your questions. Request heat pump service online today.

Indoor Air Quality

Everyone needs a breath of fresh air from time to time. In today’s world of super efficient, well-insulated buildings, there may be even a greater need. Although many advantages of modern construction exist, potentially poor indoor air quality can be one disadvantage. Our team at Ocean State Air Solutions is dedicated to ensuring our customers have cleaner indoor air by providing testing and remediation services in .

Where do indoor air quality problems originate? The issue can vary from home to home, but smoking, pets, dust mites, and chemicals released from cleaning products or new construction can all contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Although many of us live with these and other irritants around us each day, long-term exposure may result in physical discomfort or significant health problems. Some homeowners may experience symptoms including fatigue, allergies and asthma, flu-like systems, or respiratory issues. Certain air pollutants such as carbon monoxide from faulty heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can cause serious consequences or even death.

Our trained professionals can provide a thorough testing of your indoor air quality as well as suggest the best remediation actions for your home. Simple things like air filters, cleaning air ducts, or installing air purification systems may help improve your air quality a great deal.

If you are ready to check your indoor air quality, call Ocean State Air Solutions at 401-293-0422. Our professionals can provide all the needed information for you to make a wise decision. Request indoor air quality service online today.


It’s always easier to boost a broken furnace or air conditioner to the top of your priority list, but it can be a stressful scenario to find yourself in, especially during extreme weather. One way to minimize or potentially eliminate this situation is to invest in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance.

Turn to our trained professionals at Ocean State Air Solutions a couple times a year for a complete
inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of your HVAC system for your home. Regular HVAC maintenance can result in many benefits for the homeowner including:

  • More efficient, better-performing heating and air conditioning systems
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Elimination or reduction of emergency repairs
  • Extended life span of expensive HVAC equipment

When you call our team for HVAC maintenance services, you will receive a comprehensive inspection and tune-up. Our trained team will check items such as your thermostat, system controls, and fuel line connections as well as clean your blower and condenser coils. We will tighten electrical connections, lubricate appropriate parts, and inspect pressure where needed as well.

Schedule regular HVAC maintenance before the summer heat strikes to ensure your air conditioner is ready for the hot weather, as well as before your furnace system should be getting ready to take on the coming winter in .

Contact Ocean State Air Solutions at 401-293-0422 to learn more about HVAC maintenance services that would best meet your unique needs. Request HVAC maintenance service online today.

Zone Control Systems

Most homes having a conventional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system have one thermostat controlling the temperature for the entire home. Over the years, many attempts have been made to control the temperature in particular rooms to reduce energy consumption and costs. For example, some people may close vents in unused rooms or program a thermostat to different temperatures throughout a 24-hour period.

Today, zone control systems are available to provide you with even more control over the temperatures in certain areas of your home. For example, if you want to only heat your upstairs bedrooms in your home on cold winter nights, you can increase the temperature in that zone while decreasing it in the downstairs zone.

Our Ocean State Air Solutions professionals can help you install a zone control system, which includes motorized dampers that can open and close based on programmed instructions. Each zone of your home has its own thermostat, allowing you to customize temperatures within the zones. The thermostats and dampers are then connected to the central HVAC system.

When one thermostat calls the central system for heat, for example, the automated dampers will open and close appropriately before the furnace fires up. If other zones call for heat during this period, those dampers will open as well. As soon as all thermostats have reached the desired temperatures, the HVAC system will shut off. This makes for high efficiency and lower energy costs.

Contact Ocean State Air Solutions at 401-293-0422 to learn more about HVAC zone control systems. Request zone control system service online today.

Other Installation in Portsmouth, RI, 02871

“I am so pleased to be able to say that this was one of the best experiences I have had with something like this. Ocean State Air Solutions is a company filled with kind, knowledgeable, interesting and wonderful people. From the first quote for what we needed, to the other corrections that were suggested along the way as they got into our furnace and other heating, every member of this team was able to explain things to me and was, I felt, completely trustworthy. The technicians were a delight to have in my home, respectful and careful. You can expect professionalism at every level. I highly recommend Ocean State Air Solutions! With pleasure.”
- Katie U.

Other Installation in Portsmouth, RI, 02871

“Tasha has been a delight to speak with on the phone. She also had opportunity to give me the happy news of how I could save $2500 on part of the job we had done. Wow. She is kind and polite and very knowledgeable.”
- Katie S.

Heat Pump Installation in Portsmouth, RI, 02871

“I cannot say enough good things about this experience. I am, for the first time since I bought this home, warm while working at my desk. Chris came out and looked at lots of things about our finished basement heating issues and gave us two choices of heat pumps and clearly explained the differences. After we chose one and signed the contract, within days, the work started. While here, he also discovered problems with the furnace that was supposed to be heating our basement as well as the first floor. So we contracted to also have our furnaces repaired and put back into shape. Chris came himself to explain the whole job to the technicians, and then came again on the second day to be sure everything was going as it should have been. We have been getting over-the-top service!”
- Katie S.

Maintenance in Portsmouth, RI, 02871

“Excellent customer service…. prompt and reliable !!! Technicians are courteous and very knowlegdeable. Ocean State can solved my HVAC problems ( that the other company could not do) and the price was very reasonable, I would recommend OSAS to anyone and everyone !!!”
- Mark E.

Zone Control System Repair in Portsmouth, RI, 02871

“Matthew visited our condo to troubleshoot a thermostat issue and I was impressed with his knowledge of our system. It didn’t take him long to diagnose the problem. Coupled with that, he was also very personable.”
- Joseph R.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Portsmouth, RI, 02871

“Install of 3 Mitsubishi mini splits and condenser just now completed.Everyone I have had contact with at Ocean State Air has been professional and super to work with from the design with Joe DeSilva, to the install with Jesse and Ethan, the electrician Joe Lima, Amber in the office and Sam from the warehouse. Everyone seemed to work well together and have a good understanding of the whole operation. I deeply appreciate that they were able to accommodate my very short window to get the work completed, and the excellent communication all the way through. I very much like that this is a full service local operation. All in all a good experience. THANKS!”
- Judy M.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Portsmouth, RI, RI 02871

“WOW! I am beyond impressed by the thoroughness of the service I received on my 20+ year old central air system. Giovanni, the technician, was simply top notch, crawling in and out of my attic and under my deck! He left no stone unturned. Highly recommend!”
- Marlene H.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Portsmouth, RI, 02871

“We recently had a mini ductless system installed and it was a better experience than we had envisioned. Our expectations were really high to begin with, but they outperformed those by a mile!! Anthony was just phenomenal, a very hard worker, a pleasant individual and so easy to work with. He never stops! He arrives early and does not leave until he has completed his task each day and boy, was it a lot of work. I was astonished at how neat and careful he was, laying tarps down and making sure he did not knock into anything. At the end of the day everything was picked up and the rooms looked as neat as a pin. You would never know anyone had been working in my house. He is also a great guy who relates to people and will take time for a question or just to chat for a minute (but then immediately back to work!!). The completed work was done perfectly, as Anthony paid great attention to detail and we are thrilled with the entire proceedure. My husband could not find one thing to critique and he is picky, so that means Anthony did a phenomenal job. Can't wait to really use the system this summer!! Anthony, you have made both of us very happy campers!! Thank you!!”
- Evelyn P.

Ductless Mini-Split Repair in Portsmouth, RI, 01781

“Noah was exceptional, professional, very knowledgeable. I don't give high praise, but he deserves one. Still not received e mail with invoice. You can check email address. Thanks”
- John S.

Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance in Portsmouth, RI, 02871

“Matt checked our system and we are good to go for this season. He was professional and answered all my questions. Don't hesitate to call this company, free quotes.”
- Frank P.